South-East Incubation Centre, Enugu

You are welcome to the Directorate for Entrepreneurship and General Studies, South East Incubation Centre. The South East Incubation centre office is located at87/89Nike Lake Road Trans-Ekulu Enugu, Enugu Study Centre, National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN).

The incubation centre is aimed at preparing students for post university life, through inculcating entrepreneurial skills to help them create wealth and becoming employers of labour. These students acquire the basic entrepreneurial skills on how to be creative and innovative in exploring every opportunity in their environment. Once a student is admitted into the incubation centre, he / she will be introduced on how to develop innovative ideas, business plan, carry out marketing research, marketing strategy, budgeting, how to source fund, record keeping; how to apply for sponsorship and grants etc. Also the incubation centre provides space and equipment for incubates to start up business, train and retrain other students.  I beckon on you to come over to South East Incubation centre to learn how to explore opportunities around you, develop business ideas and deliver your products and services to the consumers.


  • Sensitization of students on GST 302 business plan writing, development and presentation.
  • Assisting of students in all issues pertaining GST courses and elearn portal.
  • Assisting students to develop and nurture their respective talents.
  • Inculcating in the students with creative and innovative ideas to become an outstanding entrepreneurs.
  • Providing mentorship supports to our incubates.


  • To be regarded as the most productive and educative entrepreneurship centre in the university.


  • Facilitation of GST 302.
  • Organizing of workshops for our incubates.
  • Sensitization of GST 302 students on business creation and growth.
  • Training and retaining of our staff.
  • Organizing GST 302 virtual/physical presentation activities.
  • Monitoring and guiding our incubates that are under mentorship.
  • Provision of conducive workspace for our incubates at the centre.


SEIC has a total number of 8 staff at the centre and 11 desk officers at various study centres under the zone.

The SEIC staff comprises of:

  • 1 coordinator
  • 3 administrative staff
  • 1 secretary
  • 1 ICT staff
  • 1 clerical staff and
  • 1 environmental staff.

We coordinate GST 302 activities of the following study centres under the zone

  • Umuahia correctional centre
  • Abakaliki study centre
  • Asaga community centre
  • Awka study centre
  • Enugu study centre
  • Isulo community centre
  • Umudike study centre
  • Opi community centre
  • Awgu community centre
  • Enugu correctional centre
  • Owerri study centre.
  • Awka correctional centre.


The SEIC has 57 incubates that measure in the areas of fashion and designing, shoe making, bag production, bakery, agriculture, digital technology and cosmetology etc.


We have the following workspace for our incubates:

  • Fashion and designing
  • Carpentry
  • Knitting and

It is my pleasure to welcome you once again to the SouthEast Incubation Centre, Enugu.

Dr (Mrs) Loveth O. Ekwueme.

Incubation Centre/ Zonal Coordinator

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