About Us:

The South-South Incubation Zone Uyo, is a unit of the Directorate for Entrepreneurship and General Studies being an arm of the National Open University of Nigeria, with the mandate to coordinate GST courses, specifically, GST 302 and other Entrepreneurial Programmes of the University.


The South-South Incubation Centre (SSIC) is structured to perform specific roles as assigned by the Directorate for Entrepreneurship and General Studies of the University.

To this end, the Centre is engaged in some form of activities going on at the moment. These include:

Organizing virtual presentation of business plans on GST 302 for students, and face to face presentation as well as sensitization exercise, receiving complain from students on password reset and general portal management and help to facilitate the activation of password for students

Specific Objectives:

  • The Centre is posed to help simulate student’s creative and innovative ideas
  • Search and take the opportunity
  • Upload students’ plans and business enterprises in the learning management system
  • Present students’ innovative and creative ideas
  • Receive mentorship for students’ creative and innovative ideas.
  • Participate in NOUN Entrepreneurship week virtually and physically
  • Participates in NOUN Brave idea yearly competitions
  • Turn Students’ ideas into action
  • Turn students’ business plan/idea into business enterprise
  • Communicate in different contexts for economic and wealth creation
  • Create value-added products or services
  • Organize an exhibition for student’s creative ideas
  • Facilitates exhibition of students’ products and services

Executive Summary of Programmes and Activities:

The following are the programmes of activities exhibited at the Centre:

  • Sensitization exercise on GST 302 and Business Plan Writing/Presentation.
  • Coordinate and facilitates GST 302 online business plan presentation
  • Uploading and entering the students’ grades for GST 302
  • Training of students/incubatees on vocational skills such as Welding and fabrication, Soap making, Cream making, Bead making, Tailoring/ fashion designing, Cassava processing, farming, Fish farming, Goat rearing, general Agro-Allied production programmes as well as non- Agro-allied skills programmes etc.

Programmes Offers:

  • Craft Training (CT)
  • Computer/ICT Training
  • Artisan Training
  • Agro-allied Training etc.
  • Non-Agro-allied Training

Duration of Programme:

  • One (1) Month Computer Appreciation
  • Three (3) Months Certificate in Data Processing
  • Six (6) Months Diploma in Data Processing
  • Four (4) Months Diploma in Computer Maintenance and Hardware Engineering
  • Six (6) Months Advance Diploma in Computer Engineering and Networking
  • Capacity Building Workshop on Welding/Fabrication Works
  • One (1) to two (2) years Tailor/fashion designing,
  • Six (6) to one (1) year catering /hospitality management training etc.

Classification of Duration:

    S/N            SKILLS                                                                                                         DURATION

  1.      ICT/ Computer Training                                                                                         1-6 Months
  2.      Bead making and soap making                                                                             1-2 Months
  3.      Tailoring/Fabrication Designing                                                                             1-2 Months
  4.      Snail Farming and Agro-Allied Farming and Non-Agro-allied training                   6-8 Months
  5.      Catering /Hospitality Management training                                                           6 months-one year


The first mentor in this regard is the coordinator and the facilitators who offer first-hand information/knowledge on the students by guiding them on what to do.

Secondly, the incubatees are assigned successful entrepreneurs as their role models in their individual fields to guild them.

More so, meetings of training are organized virtually or one on one. It is expected that a mentor is attached with a cohort who has similar business ideas to meet them one on one for guidance. This is done by the use of synchronous and asynchronous techniques.

We welcome you to the South-South Incubation Centre, Uyo.


Dr. (Mrs.) Helen Bassey Inyang

Incubation Centre/ Zonal Coordinator


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